Easter Crossword Puzzle

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  1. Jewish holiday celebrated around the time of Easter
  2. The Paschal _____ (means "three days") runs from Holy Thursday until the evening of Easter.
  3. Easter begins at this church service, celebrated the night before Easter Sunday
  4. Easter celebrates the ______________ of Christ from the dead
  5. ____ _____ Sunday. The second Sunday of Easter (2 words).
  6. The date of Easter is calculated based on the phases of the ______.
  7. Two disciples were walking toward this village when they met the risen Jesus
  8. Natural season when Easter falls


  1. Holiday 50 days after Easter Sunday; the birthday of the Church
  2. The first witness to the resurrection (two words)
  3. The empty ________, what the disciples and others found when they looked for the body of Jesus
  4. These Christians calculate the date of Easter differently, so sometimes we celebrate Easter on different Sundays (2 words)
  5. The legend of the Easter egg is derived from this man, who carried the cross of Jesus (3 words)
  6. The week before Easter in the Church (2 words)
  7. Penitential season of fasting before Easter
  8. Holiday celebrated 40 days after Easter Sunday
  9. The liturgical color of Easter
  10. Eight day period from Easter Sunday until the next Sunday
  11. Traditional meat served at Easter; also a title of Jesus from the book of Revelation

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