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Free Prayers of the Faithful (Mass Petitions)

Intercessions For Use In Mass And Worship

Due to requests, we now offer these free prayers of the faithful (also known as Mass petitions or Mass intercessions) for your use in parish and school Masses, and other worship services. You are free to alter and amend these for personal or parish use. All we ask is that if someone asks, you tell them you got them from ChurchYear.Net. They are grouped by season or holiday alphabetically. Also please like us on Facebook! if you use them so we know our materials are helping others.

Open Prayer Book


Advent Petitions 1

All Saints Day

All Saints Day Petitions 1

All Souls Day

All Souls Day Petitions 1


Christmas Petitions 1

Christ The King

Christ The King Sunday Petitions 1


Easter Petitions 1


Funeral Petitions 1


Lent Petitions 1


Marriage Petitions 1

School Mass Petitions

Catholic School Mass Petitions 1
Baccalaureate Mass Petitions 1

Ordinary Time

Ordinary Time Petitions 1


Pentecost Petitions 1

Saint Days

General Saint Day Petitions 1

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Updated 01-17-2017